23 May 2012


Life before Online Shopping (in Williams Sonoma store) - 

He:  "Look at this coffee mill. It's compact, made from stainless steel."
She: "Yes, it also has easy-to-clean jar that's detachable, and a retractable cord."
He:  "It's affordable too. I like it. Let's buy it."
She: "Ok."

Shopping now (on http://www.amazon.com)

She:  "Look at this coffee mill. The product description says it's compact with retractable cord and a detachable stainless steel jar."
He: "Yes, but it has only 2-star rating."
She:  "You're right. All reviews say to avoid this brand."
He: "How about this other one? It has a 4.5 star rating."
She:  "But this one review gave it 1 star. This guy says the retractable cord got stuck and the blades broke after few uses."
He: "How about this one? It has good reviews too."
She:  "Yes, but I don't like this company. They are not eco-friendly."
He: "How about this one? This company won awards for eco-friendliness."
She:  "Yes, but look at the power specifications. Inadequate."
He: "How about this one?"
She:  "Too big. Won't fit in the cabinet under the kitchen island."
He:  "This one?"
She:  "Too small. Can't use it for spices and other stuff."
He: "Look I found this company that specializes in kitchen appliances. Their coffee mills are top of the line. Blades made from obsidian and jar from surgical steel. They use the same technology in their coffee mills that's used in rockets."
She:  "You're a sucker for rocket technology! But, this company is located in Singapore and the price is $2,400 plus $85 shipping and handling."
He: "Yeah. We don't really need a coffee mill. Do we?"
She:  "Absolutely not. Let's get ground coffee from central market."
He: "Absolutely!"

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